Jewelry Care


 Jewelry Care Tips

We love our pieces as much as you do, here are some tips for lasting wear and shine!

Keep away from chemicals.

Every person's body make-up is different. Natural sweat, body oils, and exposure to everyday chemicals (including but not limited to: hairspray, shampoo, body wash, lotion, perfume, etc.) on your skin may cause your jewelry to tarnish faster.

We recommend that you remove your jewelry before heading for a shower or a pool to prevent your jewelry from contacting chemicals that can lead to tarnishing.

We do not use solid gold and silver, which means that your jewelry will tarnish over time. However, any product that is gold filled and/or sterling silver will last longer, since they have a thicker layer of gold and/or silver.

Store your jewelry in a safe place.

All of our items come individually packaged. We recommend that you put the backings of your earrings back on after you take them off so that you do not misplace them. We also recommend that you attach the ends of your necklaces once you remove them so that they do not get tangled.